Happy New Year Wishes in Rajasthani Language 2021

People often share Happy New Year messages in advance with their families and friends. Some of them throw a party on the New Year eve while others on the 1st of January. They design flyers or images to invite others to join their party or events. Saying goodbye is normally tough, but people will bid farewell to 2020 with lots of celebration and happiness and welcome the new Year 2021 with fresh enthusiasm in mind. 

New Year is celebrated worldwide and the wishes and messages created are mostly in the English language. But this does not mean regional language speaking persons, and other language speaking individuals do not celebrate the special day. 

India has a diverse culture and several languages in different regions and states. Rajasthani is the language of Rajasthan, a large state in India. There are a huge number of residents in this state, and they love and respect their mother tongue. The language has much softness in it. Thus new year wishes in Rajasthani is no exception like other wishes on different festivals or occasions. The online sites are flooded with New Year wishes in Rajasthani and all other languages from every nook and corner of the world. Happy New Year wishes for Families in Rajasthani language make one feel comfortable and the people who have Rajasthani as their mother tongue can connect to the messages and happy New Year wishes in Rajasthani language.

New Year is one such occasion which is above all religion, country, caste, and creed. This is the day enjoyed everywhere. Individuals often make new friends and expand their circle of friends on New Year. It is always not possible for a person to visit their near and dear ones or even stay at home on New Year thus they create messages, posters, images and similar creative designs to wish near and dear ones. Relatives and friends often post the cards or courier gifts to each other for New Year. 

Everyone has their unique way of celebrating this day. Some people do not have enough money to purchase gifts or cards, but they create these wishes and messages for their friends.  Processionals and others also upload various messages and wish over the internet. This is useful to a huge number of people as they can use such messages to wish their elders, parents, husbands or wife, children and business friends on New Year.

There are many sites which hire professionals to prepare New Year wishes for them. They create cards, animations, SMS, posters, videos and other creative things to help the site visitors to use those and wish others on New Year. There are no fixed rules or regulations for celebrating this day. A person can observe it in whichever way he or she wishes to and enter into a new calendar year. Remembering and wishing each other a prosperous life and year ahead is the essence of the New Year day. People follow the past bad experiences and start the New Year.

रामजी थाने सगळा नै निरोगा राखै
कमाई दुनी चोगुणी बढ़ावे
टाबरिया आपस्यूं भी ऊँचा चढ़े।
घर आळी या घर आळा री मोकळी मेहरबानी रेवे।
घणे हेत सु,घणे कोड सु,महारे हिवङे री घणी हरक सु,
आप ने और आपरे सगले परिवार ने “न्योडा साल” री घणी-घणी शुभकामनाएँ !

कौन कहता हैं की औरत केवल रसोई में शोभा देती हैं,
पधारो हमारे राजस्थान में,
बाईसा तलवार से धड़ अलग करना भी बखुबी जानती है।

Pranam sa,
kal to network me congestion ho jayelo,
e vaste me thane aabar hi wish karu sa...
Naye saal ki Ram-Ram.....
E saal the ghani khushiyan pao...